What is FairGame?

Fair Game is a series of animated ads for Fair Trade products, produced in popular computer games using Machinima technology. Two ads are available now: a general-audience ad made in The Sims 2 and conventional animation, and a gamer-targetted ad made in World of Warcraft. Download or stream them here.

What are these films about?

Many people will be aware of the crushing inequalities and exploitation of Third-World farmers by First-World corporations, particularly that centered on the raw foodstuffs for coffee, chocolate and similar products. We wanted to use the medium of computer games to talk about these problems and suggest Fair Trade as an alternative.

Who made these?

The Sims 2 Fair Trade ad was made as a collaboration between Machinima producers Strange Company, ethical marketing group Hand Up Media, and a creative group from Rosehall High School near Glasgow, who came up with the concept, the storyboard, and acted in the film.

The World of Warcraft Fair Trade ad was made entirely by Strange Company, after we became enthusiastic about the idea.

Will you be making more?

Quite possibly. We're investigating the possibility of doing a much larger project on the same basic theme next year. Contact us if you'd like to be involved!

Where have these films been shown?

Both FairGame films have been released on the Internet under Creative Commons ShareAlike licenses. Over their "opening weekend", they attracted more than 8,000 views on YouTube alone, making them the #1 most linked and #6 most viewed films over that weekend in that category. FairGame Sims has been shown at the Fair Trade Experience 2007 in Glasgow, and at the Fair Trade reception in the Scottish Parliament in March 2007.

Where can you learn more about Machinima and the filmmakers?

Strange Company's website contains more information about Machinima and our other productions, including our feature-length animation BloodSpell, and our new film starring Anna Chancellor, Jack Davenport, Joanna Lumley and Brian Blessed, Death Knight Love Story. For more Machinima information beyond that, Hugh and Johnnie, the director and 1st AD on these films, have written a book about Machinima, entitled Machinima For Dummies. Unrelated to Machinima, Hugh and Johnnie are also the curators of the Massively Multiplayer blog showcase and info site, www.mmomeltingpot.com

Where can we learn more about ethical issues and ethical marketing?

Hand Up Media can give you more information about ethical issues and the ethical marketing services they offer, whilst Fair Trade have a wide range of information on Fair Trade goods and practises.